Amir H. Nozhan (Persian: امیر نوژن) was born in Shiraz, Iran in 1980.
He is a Persian classical musician best known for his skills at playing Setar, a Persian lute.  He is also known for his comprehensive knowledge of Persian traditional/classical repertoire known as “Radif”.  He started studying the traditional Persian music at the age of twelve and over the years he has benefited from the teachings of great masters of Persian music such as Ustad Dariush Talaei, Ustad Jalal Zolfonoon and Ustad MohammadReza Lotfi.

While still in Iran, he established and directed “Nava Ensemble” in 1998 and has continued that work in the U.S.  Amir has held many concerts in Iran, Europe and the U.S. as a composer, soloist, improviser and ensemble player.  Amir Nozhan has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Alim Qasimov and Shahram Nazeri at Stanford University, where in December 2011; he also gave a lecture on “The History of Setar and its significant role in the Iranian classical music”.

In July 2012, Amir Nozhan founded the first professional academy for the teaching of Persian music and arts named “Shiraz Arts Academy” in Northern California (San Jose).